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Breeding Season 2012

With the 2012 breeding season almost coming to a close I always find myself thinking, "was it like this last year?" Those feelings of apprehension when you get the calls in the middle of the night from the night guard that pull you away from your warm bed or those mares that just won't get in foal. And the answer is no. No two breeding seasons could ever be the same.

We have actually had a really good breeding season, apart from a sad start where we lost our lovely Joshua Dancer mare, Crimson Lady, after she suffered prolapsed rectum during foaling.

We were very lucky to be offered a foster mare from Anton Procter, who'd had some bad luck of his own.

Our Orphan foal by Kahal with her foster mum, Giant Dreamer, from Burwell Stud - right

Apart from that shaky start, our maiden and barren mares all played the part, and got in foal quick-sticks. We are now sitting with the last mares, which if all goes well, should be covered by the end of the month ( said with my fingers crossed) which will rap the 2012 season.

This was also Roski's first breeding season with the help of the Almiray Vet Practice. It has been a pleasure working with Dr Bronwyn Thomen, whose professionalism and acute feel for horses is no doubt a reflection of the positive season we are having.

Dr Thomen doing a bi-lateral strip on a foal

Another exciting event for us this year has been the arrival of the first Just As Well foals. We'd been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what our Group performed stallion would throw, and the results have been most impressive.

With very dominant bay and star markings, JAW's foal are well put together with strong and correct legs. We really look forward to watching his foals grow into beautiful young horses.

As with all horse breeding, it's always a lovely feeling finally getting to see the results of a whole years careful mating's and seeing if your 'perfect match' on paper is indeed what you'd hoped.

I can honestly say that with all our Just As Well babies, we couldn't have hoped for anything more.

Some of the 2012 Just As Well foals

We had our annual KZN breeders dinner last Saturday at the lovely Bellwood venue (The venue where Ross and I 'tie the knott' in 3 months' time ;-)) in Nottingham Road. A massive kudos to everyone involved in organising the event. The venue looked stunning, the guests looked so smart, the food was delicious and Graeme Hawkins was a brilliant host. Roski stud salutes not only the winners, but everyone who got a nomination as this along is a huge achievement. We are proudly KZN and with all our new stallion 'blood' pouring in, as well as the older great's, the future only holds promise for our little province!